Time is a flat circle

Any serious Bitcoiner should recognize this picture.

Front page

Satoshi encoded a news headline into Bitcoin’s genesis block: “Chancellor on brink of second bailout for banks”

It’s believed Satoshi added the headline as a protest against irresponsible monetary policy, a manifesto of sorts for the invention of Bitcoin.

As Bitcoin Magazine put it: “It makes it clear that the system being ignited by that very block takes a stand against the central bank policies enabled by a culture of easy money. Bitcoin, instead, would seek to restore accountability and antifragility through a monetary system based on sound money; one that can’t be debased or controlled, manipulated or manufactured to benefit a lucky few.”

I saw this newspaper page again today. My eyes glanced as usual to the famous headline at the bottom of the page. But this time I also noticed something else.

“Israel prepares to send tanks and troops into Gaza”

Saturday January 3 2009.

Time is a flat circle.

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